Making rock roll again. Cotton White here I do a one man band/asshole with a acoustic guitar when needed to be but the higher the band..straight white buffalo A powerful duo of riffage over thunderous beats. The Gucci bikini of two pieces. Serving true heavy metal rock n roll the way the 70’s gods of rock intended. Marrying all the unique sounds of Oklahoma in a original line up,of psychedelic rocknroll with stoner metal vibes and with a splash of Oklahoma’s own red dirt. “I wanted to make a original set that was to be like a perfect representation of all the different colors of Oklahoma art.”From the red dirt from Stillwater to the psychedelic rock so predominant out of Norman. And that jazzy blues from midtown to that classic Western swing out of Tulsa And all the inbetween that’s shaped us so profoundly as Oklahoman artists. Our main mission however is Making Rock Roll again. And we hope to be another bridge that brings people from different walks of life together,that’s one of those quality’s that shaped rock n roll in the first place. Our cultures are shaped by each and everyone of us. Let’s make a loving community with the common ground of rock n roll. We’ll start there. ~we give God all the glory.
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